Jason Malouin Photography


Creating a portrait is a conversation; a dance. It’s an exploration of who we truly are and how we communicate that with the world.
— jason malouin

Hi.  I'm Jason.

I'm originally from America, but home base these days is Brisbane, Australia.

I create outrageously exceptional images of real people... Because I connect with people on a level that no other photographer can. 

Many people have something special to show the world and need connected, meaningful images that communicate their passion, power and intention - immediately.  

Uncover what really matters... beyond who you are... but who you intend to become.  

It's time for a dialogue with meaning and substance...  It's time to inspire and be inspired.

Have a Different Conversation...  

The Story.

I had been shooting commercial/ advertising projects for years...  Mostly all on location - which can be too expensive and too elaborate for what many people need.  People kept asking for something 'simpler'.  So I opened up the New Farm studio, shooting head shots in order to give more people the access to top notch images.  

What I didn't expect was that creating these 'simpler' images in the studio opened up a rabbit hole of truly Alice-in-Wonderland proportions...  Suddenly, in the comfort and 'safety' of the studio I found that I was able to tap into a person's more profound vision of themselves.  

Working consistently with regular folks, I developed my process of drawing out powerful connection from everyone that came through.  It still gives me goosebumps every time it happens... It's a tangible shift in the air.  It's palpable.  And my favourite part is seeing everyone's reaction when "the" image pops up on the screen as we shoot.

Everyone reacts a bit differently.  I've had people scream, jump up and down...  I've had someone sit down and sob because they didn't realise what they had within...  Usually it's a huge grin followed by, "Oh my god.  Can I take a photo of your screen?  So and so has to see this..."

I gradually realised that my 'superpower' is getting other people to show me their 'superpower'...  I found that I was able to capture people in ways I never thought possible... 

So that's what I do...  in the studio or on location.

And I love every second of it.


Scroll through the galleries and have a look at some of the powerful images...

And if you're ready to show the world something different, just get in touch.  We can have a chat about what you need and what you'd like to create.