Hello world!

Ok!  First post...  I'm pleased to announce that I will be exhibiting some of my 'Land of Oz' series at Creative Drinks here in Brisbane this Thursday.  It is a Brisbane City Council funded event in conjunction with the Creative Cities project.  This initiative is meant to foster a burgeoning arts community and at the same time help highlight the young and emerging local talent.  A talent base that I have found is very rich and diverse here in my new hometown. It's very exciting here in Brisbane these days...  I, of course, have nothing to compare it to... But from what I have gathered from artists of all backgrounds and disciplines, this is a city on the rise.  From what I've heard,  5 years ago it was an artistic ghost town...  A city that the rest of Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) didn't take seriously.  But soon the rest of Australia won't have a choice.  I suppose those cities will remain the hubs (like New York and San Francisco back home...)  But, it's a great place to be a part of and I'm glad that this is home.

So, come out and support the emerging artistic professionals on Thursday night...  We'll be at the Stones Corner Hotel from 6-8:30.  I am one of (I think) 6 artists exhibiting work.  http://www.creativedrinks.com.au/archives/427