Creative Drinks... Success!

It's official...  Tonight's event - the resurrection of Brisbane's Creative Drinks - was a huge success.  The turn out was fantastic.  If I had to make an uneducated, alcohol tinged guesstimate, I'd say that there was about 150 people there tonight.  The room was packed and it surpassed the turn out the organizers were expecting (which is always a bonus!)...

I dazzled the public, once again, with my staggering display of photographic genius (or was it just my staggering...?   hmmm....)  Anyway!  I mad some great connections, had some productive conversations, got some new contacts and sold some work!

In my book (which is missing some of the coffee-stained pages) that qualifies as a good night!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the 'newbie' and get their networking freak on at the same time!