The New Biz Card Design!

I realize that this is not the most groundbreaking news.  However, this new business card (that I designed myself - again) is much more than just a business card. ---I suppose, when it comes to anyone in the creative industry, a biz card is never just a biz card.  It can be a miniature portfolio, really.  You give someone your card and you're saying "Look!  Look how creative and cutting edge I am!"  (well, hopefully).  ---

But I digress.  What I am getting at is that this business card represents the New and Improved Jason Malouin Photographics.  It represents a new vision, a new direction, a more focused approach to image making and getting people's attention.  I suppose it represents all this (to me, anyway) because that is where I am at right now, professionally speaking.  I have been doing some serious soul searching and some critical self-evaluation of the type of work that I want to do.

As this thing grows from the seedling photographic business that it was, I really want to take it on a bonsai-type journey.  I'm excited to put the care and attention into each stage of the process.  Co-creating the shape and form that my business will take with the natural movements of the industry.   The more I read and listen and learn, the more I understand that choosing the path which fulfils you the most is possibly the most important factor to success.

So all of you out there with my first business card... hold onto it!  That is now a limited edition piece of Jason Malouin history.  It was a run of 500 never to be printed again!  The new set was boldly printed at 1000 so step right up folks and get your new Jason Malouin Photographics business card.  Operators are standing by... Here's how to order!