Social Networking Photos Anyone?

One of the gigs that I really enjoy are shoots for social networking sites.  Not the sites themselves, mind you.  I wish facebook would call me up and hire me!  No, I'm talking about shoots for people's profile photos. The first question that comes to mind might be "Why on earth would you hire a professional photographer for a profile photo?!"  But think about it...  How many of us are increasingly using facebook, twitter, etc. for marketing and other business purposes?  Sometimes people want something special for internet dating sites.  And there are some who wish to maintain a very professional look - even if it's just a personal profile - because their image is very important in professions where the lines separating business and personal are ambiguous... like real estate agents.

So these are some of my favorite gigs to shoot because people generally want something very light and friendly...  They are looking for a photo that is accessible and familiar.  Something that immediately jumps up and says "this is who I am!".

I like drawing that out of people.  I enjoy sharing who I am with everyone I meet and that always seems to reflect in my connection with my subjects.