Ideal Clients...

A fascinating thing crept up on me the other day...  I've been making a list of qualities that I imagine my ideal clients would posess.  It's just a fun little visualizing technique that supposed to help you attract the things you want.  What the hell.  Why not? After about 20 or so qualities I sat back and had a look at the page in front of me.  What did I find?

I realized that I'm just creating a list of all the qualities that I want to grow and nurture in myself!

It's been said by many that 'if you want to be a better photographer, be a better person'.  It's so true.  I've been measuring the quality of the photographer (namely me) by the quality of the finished product.  But it's way more than that.

There is an underlying, almost innate quality that actually supercedes (or at least informs) the final product.  Some of my best results so far have come from the clients I can identify with...  Those I truly respect as individuals - not just clients.

Last week I shot a wedding.  It's not something I usually do...  But the clients are some of the most genuine people I've ever met.  It was a great experience.  I took that gig because I believed in it... and them.  I think the final output speaks for itself.  I feel like the quality of the individuals involved, multiplied to equal something greater than the sum of its parts...

I'm a lucky guy.