Milton (Potter) and the Chamber of Commerce...

Well, I'm back in action after a pretty wicked disk problem that had me fully laid up (which eventually landed me in the hospital!) I'm finally in the process or rescheduling all the shoots that had to be postponed due to the injury... So I've begun a project for the Brisbane Inner West Chamber of Commerce.

Lynne Brown, the amazing lady responsible for making it all happen, wants to spruce up the website since it's in dire need of some quality images.  The first brief required some images of Milton...  Images of some of the various members around Milton, plus a few iconic shots that just absolutely scream 'MILTON!'

This shot really combined the two sides perfectly.

Westpac, The Milton and the XXXX Brewery are not only Milton icons; but big supporters of the Chamber.

There are lots more photos from the first session, but this one is definitely my favorite.