It's Here! My Shiny New Website!

I'm so excited about my new website! The previous one looked great and served me well for a time.  But the Flash design was nearly impossible to load making people wait forever to see my work...  Plus it was completely inaccessible for iPad and iPhone.  So I had to make a switch...

This one is super clean, super fast and way more pleasant to use.  I had some fantastic help this time from a very capable and efficient designer, Andrew over at HandyWeb .  This was the first time I had entrusted my website to someone else, so I was nervous at first but he was great to work with.  Highly recommended.

I absolutely had to write a new bio this time.  The last one was way too pretentious and boring.  It was really the same crap everyone says.  I wanted to give the reader a sense of who I truly am.  Ultimately, who I am is more important to me than what I know and what I've done.  

There's a little quote that really lodged itself in my brain a few weeks ago...  Be different, not just better.  I wanted the About page to explain why I'm different without having to say it.

So pop on over to my shiny new spot on the world wide interweb and have a play!  And drop me a line.  You know, you're allowed to just say "Hi"...