Amazing Opportunities as an Oxfam Photographer...

I have recently begun shooting for an incredible international aid organization, Oxfam that many of you have heard of, I'm sure. I posted a little while back (here) about my trip to Sydney shooting the Trailwalker event.  The purpose of that trip was two-fold.  I wanted to do some good work for a good organization whose work I believe in plus do a kick ass job and see if I could grab the attention of the people responsible for bigger campaigns within the company.

Well, it worked on both fronts.  I had a great time and shortly after returning to Brisbane I received a phone call from the photographic coordinator in Melbourne.  We chatted for a bit and she asked if I would be interested in doing bigger projects with them!  Too cool!

It is a perfect example of putting yourself out there, doing something on your own dime and on your own time in order to get someone's attention.  It really does work.

So I've done a couple fantastic local gigs for them already.  One was Shout the Horn, a brilliant effort to raise money for the overwhelming struggle in East Africa.

Part of the brief was to provide some positive exposure for the restaurants involved and Oxfam.  I was shooting at Freestyle Tout in West End.

Another very cool opportunity that popped up was a fund-raiser at an amazing Eritrean Restaurant, Mu'ooz which itself began in an effort to provide job opportunities for Eritrean immigrant women here in Brisbane.  They have an very inspiring story.

But while I was there I got to shoot the beautiful Saba, traditionally roasting coffee beans after dinner.

You know, it's just incredible what happens in your own back yard...  She has transported a little bit of Eritrea to a cozy spot about 10 minutes outside the CBD.  Looking at this picture, I can hardly believe where it was taken!

And there's some exciting gigs coming up too...  First is a Dodgeball fundraiser on November 5th!  How awesome is that?!  And then hopefully I'll be able to do some work for their Close the Gap campaign before the end of the year, assisting indigenous communities here in Australia.

So stay tuned for more fantastic imagery courtesy of opportunities provided by Oxfam!