Staying Creative...

I saw this nifty little bit of inspiration a few months ago called 29 Ways to Stay Creative as it made its rounds on the Inter Web.  And after I walked away from the computer I really started thinking.

There are some items on that list that are pretty easy to put into action.  But others, less simple.  How about number 12?  How do you go about putting Feedback into your process?  Or number 5...  'Quit Beating Yourself Up' is pretty tough to quantify and sometimes even tougher just to remember!  How about 10... Be Open.  And maybe the most important of all... number 18 - 'Count Your Blessings'?

Later, I made a small list of things that help me keep the mojo flowing that didn't make Tofu's list.   Some of my favorites are:

+Taking a bath... Hell, if it worked for Archimedes...

+Learning a language

+Meeting strangers

+Building a fire

+Spending time in Nature

What are some of the ways you keep the juices flowing?  Share with the class!