...Play Time!

Something very interesting happens when you photograph something with which you are intimately familiar.  You are able to move and think within the very process you are capturing, resulting in some pretty good shots.

You see, back in the day I was a Thespian (giggity)...  I had spent the better part of any available days working in local theatres around my hometown throughout high school...  Acting, lighting and eventually stage managing.  After high school I went on to work professionally as a Stage Manager in theatres around the US for about 6 years.

This was just a local high school play ('Cosi' by Australian playwright Louis Nowra... hilarious!) performed by the Samford Valley Steiner School.  But it was really the first time I've shot anything I know so well...

I had never seen this particular play before but it didn't matter.  I moved around as if my motions were choreographed into the very play itself.  I was able to put myself in the right places at the right times without even thinking.  It really flowed.

"They" always say 'Shoot what you know'...  I can clearly see why.