The Death of Pink...

No, not the pop star... I was leaving the pool this afternoon behind a birthday party that was wrapping up...  There were 2 adult males and a very young boy discussing the color of a balloon.  The little boy said 'I like that balloon' and one adult male said 'You like that, do you?  You know that's pink?  That's a girl's color.'  And the other adult male chimed in with 'Oh yeah.  You like that?  Are you a little girl?'...  Forcing the audibly conflicted reply, 'No, I'm a boy!'

That was a very disturbing interchange I overheard and it got me thinking about what we are conditioned to think and believe.  Chances are the kid won't remember that episode but all those things really add up and shape a person.

I started to wonder how I am affected by color...  Which ones influence subconscious reactions in my work...  Which am I naturally drawn to or avoid...  Does it matter...

There is, of course, loads of research out there surrounding the psychology of color.  So I won't presume to tackle that.  But I have noticed that I am more influenced by color than I thought.  This little tidbit presented itself when I kind of accidentally set my LCD on the back of my camera to Black and White.  I almost always shoot RAW so it doesn't matter to the recorded files, but now I see it in Color and B&W.

It's a great little trick that's helped me pay equal attention to Line and Form as well as Color.

What do you think?