Video: Fun New Skills to Keep Clients Wanting More...

Video is something I've been doing for some clients as a little add-on bonus whenever it's appropriate.  It's nice to value add when you've been hired for a photography gig and there is something there you can put to video. Below is a link to a little video I shot during an event I was photographing for Ashurst's celebration at GOMA a few days ago.

Nobody asked me to do it, but I saw the opportunity and now there's a little slice of the evening's event that's captured in motion.  It only took a few minutes to put together and the client sees you go the extra mile to deliver an exceptional product.  How cool is that?!

Ok, this particular product is far from exceptional.  I just used the on camera mic and the venue was super dark so I desperately jacked the ISO through the roof in order to capture it...  But like I said...  It's just a little bonus.

Click below to watch all 1min. 23 sec. of captivating footage!

Ashurst Rebranding Celebration - GOMA - Brisbane

And here's a few images for the stills fans!