Do NOT Work for Free! Unless, of course, you should...

This is freaking hilarious and ANYONE  in a creative industry needs to see this.  A truer word could not be spoken about working for free vs. getting paid.

For the love of all things holy!  Please take 3 1/2 minutes to watch this video...  Writer, Harlan Ellison speaks the truth... Brilliant and hilarious!

After that, you'll think I may be crazy... But working for free has been one of the best experiences of my career (in certain situations...)

Ok, I don't have Warner Bros. calling me with such insane requests; but I have had certain magazines requesting the same thing... And they are the ones I stay away from..

In my travels I have found organization that I truly believe in and want to support.   As you know, I've been doing work for Oxfam this past year (that's my photo on their homepage for Close the Gap) and I love that I can offer my skills to support such a worthy cause.  You can see some other work on this previous post... here.

I have also recently gotten on board with Rotary Club and will be creating some images for them to help them grow a new rehab facility here in Brisbane.

For these organizations I don't even think twice.  But when I get requests from magazines offering "exposure" I get pretty twisted up.

Mr. Ellison couldn't have expressed my feelings clearer.  But for the organizations that deserve a free shoot... Well, I couldn't be happier supplying them with images.