Who Wants to Shoot Behind the Scenes Video and Stills?

Thursday March 22nd is Oxfam's National Close the Gap Day
I am shooting an indigenous gathering/ event in Laidley, QLD (about 1 hour out of Brisbane towards Gatton).

This is what I'm looking for:
Behind The Scenes footage (primarily video, but stills too) of me doing my job.
1. Shooting portraits of people around the event
2. Interacting and laughing with people
3. Me getting into the helicopter and going up/ Organizing & Shooting the aerial/ Coming down and getting out of the helicopter
4. Covering the crowd on the ground during the aerial shoot
I am happy to have 2 people if available...  One shooting video and one shooting stills.
This is a Pro Bono shoot.  I don't get paid by Oxfam for the work I do for them so there is no money involved to create the BTS.  It's a chance for someone emerging in the industry to flex their creative muscles (with an international brand as a backdrop, which always looks good in a portfolio!).
Send me an email if interested or pass this along to anyone you know that might be!