Best Photographic Models... Ever.

There's a certain subtlety required when you stand in front of  camera.  This is one of the primary reasons I rarely find myself in front of the lens.  But this week I stumbled on a little gem... Equestrian Students.

Since meeting my partner Trish I have slowly gotten to know some of the equestrian community around the world.  This is a fascinating subset of people who you have probably never encountered if no one close to you rides, trains or competes.

But there is an amazing body awareness and physical subtlety required to train a horse (and train yourself).

I'm talking movements in millimeters.  Literally.  The slightest, imperceivable (to me) movements on a horse communicate dozens of commands that make a well-trained horse respond.   The rider's attention and awareness of his or her body translates beautifully when being directed by a the guy behind the camera.

While training, they spend hours per day being told how to sit, where to move their wrists, ankles, eyes... even ears!  With the camera,  'Chin up a bit'...  'Half step to the left'...  'Nose follows my finger'...  Brilliant!

This is Giovanni.  He has returned to train at Morgado Lusitano in Alverca, Portugal for the week and was an absolute pleasure to photograph.  Obviously, the classic Italian riding clothes topped off by the Sherlock pipe helped take the image to another level.

Some details...


Thanks Giovanni!