...Close your eyes. Now shoot.

We're in Granada...  June.  Not as hot as it gets but good enough...

Hiking up above the city, I saw some elements that might make a photo and tried wrangling them together.  The light was low-ish and interesting, moving through the hillsides of olive groves in the not quite Sierra Nevadas here in Spain.

I tried, no good.  A bit lower, ok but not quite.  Around a cactus, all the way down...  This is it!  It's working!

Meanwhile, I'm dripping sweat...  It's about 7 pm but it's still hot as hell.  I'm all contorted to get this shot and the sweat starts running directly into my eyes.

I'm in position... I know the elements are there.  I open my eyes for one last second to see if the shapes look about right.  The sweat burns them shut again.

Click.  Click.  Click.  I bracketed 3 shots.

You know how you can never go back.  Like, 'Oh, I'll go back to get that shot tomorrow'.  Well it doesn't happen.

The light was moving, the clouds were shifting...  I was in place.

I took the photos with my eyes closed.

It seemed easier to trust than waiting for everything to align again.

Close your eyes.  Take the shot.