Creating Your Own Universe...

I just finished listening to another amazing installment of my absolute favorite radio show / podcast of ALL TIME...

Most NPR fans in the US will have heard of Radiolab.  If you haven’t ever encountered this most fascinating portal of knowledge and understanding, throw down that thesis or bunt cake you’re working on and go to their website immediately.

They describe their program as:

“…a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.”

Personally, I would venture to call it the most inspiring hour you can possibly spend learning.  And it is often the seed that has sprouted quite diverse directions & interests in my professional life.

This particular show (an old one that I hadn’t heard) was called DIY Universe.

Basically, this scientist was saying that it is theoretically possible to create your own universe.  And according to the proposals out there, the universe you create would create its own space… Not encroaching into your house or region…  But it would expand into new space.  Space that hadn’t existed before.

Listening to these grand theories, I felt such a powerful connection to my own entrepreneurial situation.    I arrived in a strange place and built a very fine ‘something’ (which I’m quite proud of) out of ‘nothing’. Almost every second of my current reality is informed and molded by this new ‘universe’ I created 3+ years ago.

The whole issue (in the photography industry, anyway) that ‘there are too many folks out there trying to be professional photographers’ is one I can’t subscribe to.   Because deep down I know that I am creating all new space in which my life – career – whatever is unfolding.  I never feel like I’m trying to fit in amongst the rest.

When you think about ‘creating a universe’ in terms of inter-dimensional, infinite space-type scale seems harder to accept such extravagant theories.  But when you break it down into the most basic of notions… isn’t that exactly what each of us does every day?  Every moment?  Creating our own reality, which creates infinite possibilities responding to each choice…  Suddenly, it isn’t so hard to comprehend.

Interestingly, this particular podcast wrapped up with one of life’s finest lessons.

He said that pushing the laws of physics to their breaking point is often where they learn new things about how the world works…  Well, I know that one can be applied across the board… 100%