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Back in Church... But Different.

The gang over at Surge Media really like pushing boundaries and having some fun in the process...  And I love making their ideas come to life.

This is a sneaky little shoot we did a few months ago with the 2 principles over at Surge...  Aegir and Ben.  

I'm not exactly sure what kind of trouble we could get in (after the fact) for shenanigans like this...  So I'll say that we definitely did not go out on the Storey Bridge and shoot this one summer Sunday morning at 5am...  

But if we had it most certainly would have been far trickier than any of us anticipated...  Since even at 5am, there is a steady flow of traffic - I imagine.  

When they asked me to come in and help them create the Church of Surge, I couldn't wait. You see, their offices are in a little old church over in Wooloongabba.  So they decided to take advantage of their special location.

A few cheap costumes and some outrageously expensive video equipment was all it took to pull it off.  As well as buckets of sweat.

It was one of the hottest days we had seen here in Brisbane and the old circuits at the church couldn't handle the 1000's watts of juice the film lights were using; all my flashes (yes, we still had to light it - even with the film lights); AND the air conditioning...  So in the interest of art, we sacrificed the A/C.

People have been asking me if it is a composite... pieced together using different moments and multiple exposures.  But it is 100% captured in camera.  

Here's the Before and After...  Obviously some effects were added after the fact...  But it's really all there.  

Honestly, that's the most fun for me.  I know I can take components from a zillion different sources and make something completely new...  But I love the challenge of doing it all for real.