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I Get Interviewed - The Customer Centric Show

This is a great show produced by Mel Telecican.  Her entire approach to creating impact in business is Customer Centricity. 


There is literally nothing more important to me and it's one of the most basic operational principles of my company Portrait Store (www.portraitstore.com.au).

I recommend a few particular spots throughout the interview:

7:20 - Getting people past the discomfort for optimal results

13:45 - The Customer Experience mapped out, building intention into the process

15:10 - Getting the best audience engagement using long time client, Oxfam as the example...  and humanising demographics

17:35 - My personal approach to portraiture. Empowerment, Positive Self Image, Strength, Connection, Meaningful, Intentional

18:33 - Balancing Intensity and Humanity within the images.  Using the "Push / Pull" balance to get it just right.

22:55 - My advice on improving business and consistency of customers - Niching Successfully

29:30 - The Portrait Store mission and the approach to achieve it.  Changing the standards of what people expect of a headshot by approaching it differently.



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