World's Greatest Photos of the World's Greatest Shave...

A good friend signed up to shave her head this year for the World's Greatest Shave...  I decided to capture the fun...  During the event and afterwards in the studio.

The actual shave was loads of fun, but the real magic happened the next day in the studio creating some absolutely stunning portraits.

Amazingly, "World's Greatest Shave raises about half the money the Leukaemia Foundation needs to fund its important work – providing support to people with blood cancer, as well as millions in research."

Valentine raised a couple thousand dollars in the effort and realised one of her own personal dreams in the process...  A huge success!

New Fun with Outcast Performing Arts

It's been a while, so I figured I'd take a chance to share some of the fun stuff I've been working on...

This was a great project I shot a couple of months ago for Outcast Performing Arts.

I was given a handful of insanely talented dancers, singers and musicians...  A half day in the QUT film studio... and complete creative freedom.

Since there were no expectations for the outcome I decided to make something a little different for them.

Normally, the Outcast 'look' is very dark and menacing.   But with the Creative Director's blessing I went in the complete opposite direction.  I wanted ghostly and ethereal.  So I decided to try something I've never attempted.


Crazy, fast motion is normally something you try to freeze and capture in all its detailed glory.  But these are 2 second exposures!  Pretty cool, huh?  The combination of ambient, shutter speed, motion and flash gave me all the sweet details as well as all the blur in the same shot.

It's always a blast working with this crew which I've written about here.

The top composite is my own interpretation of what we captured, but the pieces they used were made a bit darker for the website which you can see here.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 2.30.45 PM.jpg

I think the most important point to make is that this didn't spring from my mind when I showed up for the shoot.  Yes, it was an untested experiment (which is a bit crazy) but 2 things worked in my favor.

1. Outcast is super experimental, always trying to push the boundaries of what we expect from live performance – so it fit their ethos.

2. I had spent hours considering the concept and technical details.

Of course, I had a back up plan ready to go if the hybrid didn’t work out.  But good planning and conceptualizing is the real reason this worked.

...Close your eyes. Now shoot.

We're in Granada...  June.  Not as hot as it gets but good enough...

Hiking up above the city, I saw some elements that might make a photo and tried wrangling them together.  The light was low-ish and interesting, moving through the hillsides of olive groves in the not quite Sierra Nevadas here in Spain.

I tried, no good.  A bit lower, ok but not quite.  Around a cactus, all the way down...  This is it!  It's working!

Meanwhile, I'm dripping sweat...  It's about 7 pm but it's still hot as hell.  I'm all contorted to get this shot and the sweat starts running directly into my eyes.

I'm in position... I know the elements are there.  I open my eyes for one last second to see if the shapes look about right.  The sweat burns them shut again.

Click.  Click.  Click.  I bracketed 3 shots.

You know how you can never go back.  Like, 'Oh, I'll go back to get that shot tomorrow'.  Well it doesn't happen.

The light was moving, the clouds were shifting...  I was in place.

I took the photos with my eyes closed.

It seemed easier to trust than waiting for everything to align again.

Close your eyes.  Take the shot.

Brisbane's Institute of Modern Art... Get In Emerging Artists!

Hey! Brisbane's Institute of Modern Art (attached to the Judith Wright Center) is one of my favorite spots to go for inspiration.  They consistently have work on display that pushes me to reconsider my own approach to all things artistic.

It's time for Fresh Cut again this year, which is an opportunity for local emerging artists to get in!

Click here to see the details  --->>>  Freschcut 2012