Photo Essay

World's Greatest Photos of the World's Greatest Shave...

A good friend signed up to shave her head this year for the World's Greatest Shave...  I decided to capture the fun...  During the event and afterwards in the studio.

The actual shave was loads of fun, but the real magic happened the next day in the studio creating some absolutely stunning portraits.

Amazingly, "World's Greatest Shave raises about half the money the Leukaemia Foundation needs to fund its important work – providing support to people with blood cancer, as well as millions in research."

Valentine raised a couple thousand dollars in the effort and realised one of her own personal dreams in the process...  A huge success!

Wandering in the Queensland Forest with Oxfam...

I just wrapped up another epic 48 hour journey with Oxfam’s Trailwalker

TW13 First Start 04.jpg

Some of you may remember the Sydney Trailwalker I shot a couple years ago which I wrote about here

TW13 Third Start 07.jpg

It’s such an incredible event raising millions of dollars for amazing projects in countries all over the world and I love participating with my camera.

TW13 CP5 09.jpg

Personally, I don’t stay out the full 48 hours with the participants…  But I do like to capture the full range of excitement and emotion, which translates to 16 hour days…

TW13 CP4 05.jpg

All the dramatic Highs and Lows…

TW13 CP5 23.jpg
TW13 CP5 34.jpg

By the end, most teams (if they are even still in a team of 4) stagger across the finish line and all but collapse.  The fastest teams, however, finished the full 100km together in just over 13 hours!

TW13 Finish 15.jpg

If you’re interested in participating or just want to see more of my shots on the Oxfam blog, you cancheck it out here.  Melbourne and Brisbane are finished for this year, but Sydney and Perth are still to come!

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.45.09 AM.jpg

A Castration...

Ok folks...  This one is a little graphic.  So if body parts make you squeamish, then avert your eyes. Equestrian centre Quinta do Archino in Ota, Portugal...

This is Alambique (minutes before the surgery) which is an Arabic name that means 'place of distillation'.

Normally, horses are castrated around 3-4 years old...  But Alambique is 7.  One of the most tense moments is getting a massive animal down on the ground gently after the general anaesthetic is administered.

This is a team effort.

The groom, Fernando, keeps his the head still since there is still some movement and twitching...

3 feet are tied together to keep them out of the way...

Paula Tilley DVM, MSc, PhD of the Equine Unit - Large Animal Teaching Hospital in Lisbon, performs the surgery right there on the arena floor.  This older horse is particularly difficult to snip.  That's the second testicle coming off...

Removal complete.

Detail 1

Detail 2

First steps... After the operation site is closed, the horse is up and walking (very tentatively) within about 15 minutes.

Amazing care by the vet...

An equine castration costs 160 Euros and takes about 1 hour total.

Alambique will receive antibiotics for 10 days and wound care plus exercise twice a day for 10-15 minutes.  Within 2 weeks he will be back on his regular training schedule.