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Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.12.40 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.12.48 PM.jpg

Wandering in the Queensland Forest with Oxfam...

I just wrapped up another epic 48 hour journey with Oxfam’s Trailwalker

TW13 First Start 04.jpg

Some of you may remember the Sydney Trailwalker I shot a couple years ago which I wrote about here

TW13 Third Start 07.jpg

It’s such an incredible event raising millions of dollars for amazing projects in countries all over the world and I love participating with my camera.

TW13 CP5 09.jpg

Personally, I don’t stay out the full 48 hours with the participants…  But I do like to capture the full range of excitement and emotion, which translates to 16 hour days…

TW13 CP4 05.jpg

All the dramatic Highs and Lows…

TW13 CP5 23.jpg
TW13 CP5 34.jpg

By the end, most teams (if they are even still in a team of 4) stagger across the finish line and all but collapse.  The fastest teams, however, finished the full 100km together in just over 13 hours!

TW13 Finish 15.jpg

If you’re interested in participating or just want to see more of my shots on the Oxfam blog, you cancheck it out here.  Melbourne and Brisbane are finished for this year, but Sydney and Perth are still to come!

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.45.09 AM.jpg

Exposing Myself at Bus Stops...

Oxfam’s Shadow Report went out to the government a few weeks ago.  Hopefully my images all over it will help secure the funding they need to continue the amazing work folks are doing to Close the Gap…


(The two girls’ t-shirts required some work…  The kisses shirt originally read “I’m bringing sexy back” and beneath OMG it said “Over it!”)  I ‘heart’ Photoshop.


These were all captured while I was in Western Australia a few months ago with the video crew from Red Hat Films that produced the official video (plus my behind the scenes footage which I wrote about here…)


And it’s almost time for Trailwalker!  My images have been popping up all over the place…  Posters, bus stop ads…


If you and 3 companions are interested in an epic race for a good cause, then check it out here on Oxfam’s site…


Today, bus stops… Tomorrow, the WORLD!!!

A Little Bit of Video…

Here's a neat little surprise I found in my inbox today...

The fab crew at Red Hat Films who produce the Close the Gap film every year (which I've written about before, here) threw a few moments from my 'behind the scenes' footage into the final edit of an interview with Dan Sultan immediately after Rock for Recognition in Perth.

Ahh, India

Well it has been an amazing start to 2013!

We spent almost a month shooting a documentary in India called Devout Warrior which you can find out more about here.

I was along for the ride shooting the production stills and behind the scenes which was absolutely epic.

I'll leave the productions stills for another time...  These are just some of the spontaneous moments that happen all around you in India.  

...Eye contact from complete strangers that our little western minds can barely comprehend...

...Unabashed honesty in a gaze

Everything everyone tries to tell you about India is true.  But it all just pales in comparison to the actual intensity of the place.

I'm ready to go back.


dodgeball '12 - 018 web.jpg

Oxfam's annual Dodgeball fundraiser for the Grow Campaign was a blast!

dodgeball '12 - 045 web.jpg

This was the second year I shot the event.  Last year I made all the standard images, covering the event.  So there was certainly no need to reproduce all the same stuff...  This year I decided to just make portraits of the players.

dodgeball '12 - 100 web.jpg

I decided to shoot super wide (around 16mm for all the individual portraits) giving an extra exaggerated and dramatic vibe to the quirky folks that came along to support the cause.  

dodgeball '12 - 072 web.jpg

...John Butler at Home

We just spent 7 days with Oxfam shooting the Close the Gap campaign in Western Australia.  It was a fantastic trip full of highlights…  Shooting portraits from Bunbury to Mt. Magnet (which is officially in the Outback!)


Photographing John Butler at his home in Freemantle, WA was definitely a high point of our trip…


He is a big proponent of Indigenous Equality in general – and more specifically, Close the Gap.  So he invited us to his home where we filmed and photographed for about 4 hours.  He spoke very eloquently about the need for equality and a true ‘fair go for all’.  Here’s a little behind the scenes video I shot, edited by the phenomenal crew at Red Hat Films who have made the Close the Gap video for the past 4 years.  http://youtu.be/wMwhU8LBjOE

I had loads of ideas for cool portraits when I arrived, but after we spent about 40 minutes with him – shooting all natural light just using a reflector – I knew I had it nailed.

Oxfam requires a very specific look that they use for their visual communication.  So once I knew I had the ‘right’ shots in the bag, I started experimenting a little bit for a portfolio piece.  The above shot is exactly the quiet, contemplative character John seems to be…


And as a little bonus, since his whole family was there when we arrived, I offered to do a family portrait since there was a perfect spot in their dining room.  Their chicken is basically a full-fledged member of the family so I thought we could create something extra special if they would be willing to put the chicken on the table…  They totally went for it!



Quick Update… Mosaic!


Quick update!  Saturday 27th I’ll be auctioning some prints of my work at Mosaic, a fundraiser for one of my favorite Brisbane crews – Outcast Opera Company.

Details below!

They are an amazingly talented bunch of performers under the mind-blowing direction of Jordin Steele whom I have had the privilege of working with a couple of years ago.

That was for a show called Bedlam and now they’re back with more.  This is called Mosaic and it’s a fundraiser to help raise money for their first major festival work.

   -”Outcast Opera would like you to join us on the 27th of October for MOSAIC: an evening of installation pieces featuring many of our artists, composers and designers. 

The event will take place at the Block, a fantastic multimedia space at the QUT Kelvin Grove Campus. For the price of your ticket you will receive your first glass of wine free, finger food, amazing entertainment from the Outcast team and exhibitions from guest artists:

Raw Bones Photography
MadLabs Fractal Studio
Jason Malouin Photography

The show will contain completely original pieces with
Music by David Lazar and Nicholas Ng
Choreography: Stephanie Pokoj, Dimity Fraser and Rob Flehr
Costumes: Fiona Trease and Clockwork Butterfly
Set Design: Alexia Machado

Tickets are limited so book early if you don’t want to miss out! You can buy from the Outcast website or directly from:

There are still a few tickets left!

See you there!

Eat Local… Feed Global - World Food Day

Sunday was an amazingly beautiful day… Cruising with the top down… Driving to Lennox Head, getting pumped for another gig for Oxfam…

This one was for Oxfam’s GROW campaign for World Food Day and visually it was going to bevery similar to one that I shot last year.  So I was trying to think of a way to bring back some photos that would get the message across; but at the same time stand out as better and different from everything I shot last year.

For ‘Shout the Horn’ campaign last year I focused on the branding (brochures, flyers, posters, signs, etc.) and the people played a secondary role in the images.

But this time I decided to really focus on the people.  

I wanted to portray a much more personal side to the event.  And I could visualize images of people convincing me to pay attention to an important issue...

I had to bring the message through the images in order to visually support the campaign. And I wanted my images to stand out from the crowd… Afterall, other photographers were covering other restaurants in various states around Australia.

Fortunately, everyone there for the fundraiser played along with my shenanigans, giving me a some very great images.

So once I had the necessary shots in the can, I was looking around for a little something special.  I always get in and get the shots I need.  If there’s any time left, I start looking for those little detail shots that really round out a set of images and help tell the whole story.  Well, this time I decided to take it one step further…  Video!

Once I saw the brochure, it hit me like a flash.


There was a big group of about 10 or so people who were having a great time… laughing, drinking… all different ages.  Just get everyone to say one line from the brochure and clip it together!


There you go!  19 seconds…  Fast and dirty.  Totally improvised in the moment.

A Big Thanks goes out to owners Lisa and Tony at Seven Mile Restaurant in Lennox Head.  They are fantastic people running a lovely place, with a grand view of the ocean where whales splashed around just off shore.  And of course a HUGE Thank You to all the wonderful people who came out to support a good cause AND allowed me to conduct my one-man photographic circus.  They all truly made the day a success.

Rohingya… Ro-who?

I was invited to attend an informational evening by the kind folks at Oxfam last week.

The Rohingya Community here in Queensland is educating the general public on the horrible conditions their community is facing back in Myanmar right now.  They are essentially a displaced community, denied residency and actively discriminated against (which has recently escalated to extreme violence) even though the people have been in the same place for generations.

I did a little research when I received the invitation and realized that I could potentially make some amazing portraits…  and at the same time, provide the Rohingya community here in Australia (struggling for recognition and change within the international community) some powerful images that they might use in their campaign.

Sujauddin (a member of the Rohingya who emigrated here as a boy) is an incredibly engaging and charismatic personality working here to stop the violence abroad and provide a voice to hundreds of thousands of people, silenced and denied any freedom at all.

I had my own little corner that evening and invited everyone who was willing to stand in front of the camera for a special little photo session.  We had a great time. and the teenage boys definitely got the most out of my presence…


But, of course, the stars of the show are always the older folks and the little ones…  The little kids were the bravest and jumped in front of the camera first.  They all brought a surprising degree of presence to the images.

And then, there’s the wisdom inherent in certain faces that really light up the lens…

I had a great time, learned a lot, met passionate people, ate amazing food, created great images… It was a fantastic night and hopefully, my images can help add some uplifting faces to their cause…

Behind the Scenes...

I was asked by Rotary Club to shoot a big fundraiser for Project Now (establishing a much-needed women's residential addiction treatment / recovery facility).  Normally, I don't shoot events...  But they said the magic word - portraits.

The Governor of Queensland, Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley, was in attendance and they needed some decent group shots of the Governor with the heads of the organizations collaborating on this epic project.

The portrait location had been decided without me...  But when I entered the space, I was very pleased with what had been chosen by the planning committee.

Plaza Gallery - Brisbane Exhibition Center

They chose the Plaza Gallery at the Brisbane Convention Center.  The beautiful wood floor... big, fantastic works of aboriginal art lining the walls... proper gallery lighting... Yum!

I especially loved the tungsten warmth running the length down to the cool pool of blue light in the gallery's entrance.  Basically, a perfect space for a group portrait.

With groups, you need to be careful to light everyone evenly.  This one was only 11 people, but you still can't get too creative with light placement.  Plus I needed a set up that would serve for smaller groups of 2 and 3...

So I went pretty flat with the light.  But I was relying on the depth of the space and that little pool of blue to give the overall light 'shape'...

The trickiest part was producing a big enough light source without bleeding all over the walls and lifting the ambient to where I lost the gallery lighting.  So I placed the softboxes pointing down at an angle that normally would have made unfortunate shadows under eyelids etc...

Using a small ladder got me two things:

1. They were now looking up-ish into the light source, eliminating those shadows

2. I got to maximise the beautiful wood floor (and avoid the ceiling which was doing nothing for the composition, anyway).

Plus, I only had 10 minutes to get the 5 groups shots I needed, so it was fun working under a strict time frame.

I'm definitely pleased with the results.  It's certainly nothing to put in the portfolio, but I really enjoyed the small complexities to successfully pull it off.

Creating Your Own Universe...

I just finished listening to another amazing installment of my absolute favorite radio show / podcast of ALL TIME...

Most NPR fans in the US will have heard of Radiolab.  If you haven’t ever encountered this most fascinating portal of knowledge and understanding, throw down that thesis or bunt cake you’re working on and go to their website immediately.

They describe their program as:

“…a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.”

Personally, I would venture to call it the most inspiring hour you can possibly spend learning.  And it is often the seed that has sprouted quite diverse directions & interests in my professional life.

This particular show (an old one that I hadn’t heard) was called DIY Universe.

Basically, this scientist was saying that it is theoretically possible to create your own universe.  And according to the proposals out there, the universe you create would create its own space… Not encroaching into your house or region…  But it would expand into new space.  Space that hadn’t existed before.

Listening to these grand theories, I felt such a powerful connection to my own entrepreneurial situation.    I arrived in a strange place and built a very fine ‘something’ (which I’m quite proud of) out of ‘nothing’. Almost every second of my current reality is informed and molded by this new ‘universe’ I created 3+ years ago.

The whole issue (in the photography industry, anyway) that ‘there are too many folks out there trying to be professional photographers’ is one I can’t subscribe to.   Because deep down I know that I am creating all new space in which my life – career – whatever is unfolding.  I never feel like I’m trying to fit in amongst the rest.

When you think about ‘creating a universe’ in terms of inter-dimensional, infinite space-type scale seems harder to accept such extravagant theories.  But when you break it down into the most basic of notions… isn’t that exactly what each of us does every day?  Every moment?  Creating our own reality, which creates infinite possibilities responding to each choice…  Suddenly, it isn’t so hard to comprehend.

Interestingly, this particular podcast wrapped up with one of life’s finest lessons.

He said that pushing the laws of physics to their breaking point is often where they learn new things about how the world works…  Well, I know that one can be applied across the board… 100%


DOP... It's Official!

Hey everyone!

I’m super excited to announce my first official Director of Photography credit.  It was a video testimonial job I did for a French company (Arcil) at a yogurt plant in Victoria.

Here’s the YouTube link for all 2.5 minutes of heart-pounding, cinematic, yogurt plant testimonial action:


 On set...

On set...

I have been doing some small video production for recent clients as a bit of a value add to my services…  I’ve written about it before here.  But now I have officially added (small) video production to my bag of tricks.

It’s something I certainly enjoy doing… and diversifying your skill set is always a good idea.

The New Website AND Blog...

It's here!

A shiny new website to show off all the new work!

It is a never ending process...  Constantly updating and refining the way the world finds your work.  I'm most excited about the new, super clean look and the integrated blog.

It isn't wordpress, so I'll be continuing this one for a while since many of you like to see it here.

So stop by and take a look - www.JasonMalouin.com - and let me know what you think!

Another Big Competition... And I Need Your Help!

Hey everyone! I just submitted my entry fo the One Life International Photography Competition and there is a Viewer's Choice award too...

Just click any link in this blog post and hit "Collect Me" in the top right corner of my profile.  Your clicks will help me win a New York City photo exhibition and a $25,000 cash grant!

Thanks in advance for all your support!

Oxfam Update...

Hey everyone! Just a quickie for you...

I spent some time down the coast last weekend shooting for Oxfam again...   'Close the Gap' is a program that helps equalize the medical and health differences between Aboriginal and non aboriginal Australians.   I've written about it here on a previous assignment for Close the Gap.

We were shooting at Skilled Park in Robina (the Titan's Stadium) with a group of students down from the Northern Territory in recognition of their commitment to their education.

The gang was invited to attend the game and hang out in the 'big smoke' to celebrate their accomplishments.  They're a great crew from 3 different regions that came together for the weekend to celebrate their success.

Good times for positive change in the world... What more could you ask for?

Nectar of the Gods...

Wine, of course! I just finished a project for a company called Exclusive Wines Direct.  It's an incredible crew bringing boutique wines from France and Switzerland to Australia.

Now everyone knows that a photographer needs to familiarize him/ herself with the subject as much as possible.  And this job was no exception...

I got to taste most of them and these are my favorites.

 What a great gig!  Definitely check out the site.  There is so much great info to go with the wines.  And now there are great images to match!

Until the End of Existence...

While we were in Barcelona about a month ago, news was coming out about the amazing Higgs findings (a.k.a. the 'god particle') and how this newly verified particle is basically responsible for matter and energy just appearing spontaneously. Of course this is wildly simplified, but it got me thinking about the implications of our fundamental existence, perceived reality, etc...

It was a lot to think about so I had to go for a walk.

And just a few blocks from where we were staying I passed by an empty shop front window emblazoned with a rather ironic declaration... 'Hasta Fin de Existencia' which translates to 'Until the End of Existence'.

Well, considering the interesting light bouncing around the narrow laneway, I just had to step into the doorway giving me a cool opportunity for a topical (and even more ironic) self-portrait in the window's reflection...

Super Inspiring for Self-Employed Folks...

Wow! Spencer Lum dropped some serious wisdom a few months back that has really reaffirmed this process of 'making it happen'.   And not just for creative types, either...

He's called it the "Rockstar Economy" and it's the kind of plain and simple truth that cuts through the noise and reaches straight to the core.  It's the message we all need to keep going.

I'm still going to strive for Rockstar-dom (of course!) but after a few well placed words, I'm reminded that it's far from the point.



National Geographic Competition...

Hey everyone! It's time!  I have decided that this year will be the Year of Entering Photo Competitions in an effort for some serious exposure.  Therefore, I have entered my first competition... ever.

So why not start with National Geographic, right?  Actually it's Nat Geo Traveller magazine holding the comp and I have managed to squeeze in 5 entries three days before the deadline!

Here is the link for all 5 entries:




Many of you will notice some familiar shots if you have been following me on facebook.

Please click the links to Nat Geo above and like the photos over there.  I could use everyone's support in the People's Choice category...

Thanks again!